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Welcome to Saturday Morning Alive! The Official home of the Eighties!

Are you sick of the Television of today? Hate the mess modern fads and fashion trends produce? Maybe you’re nostalgic for worry free days of your younger years! Remember when Saturday mornings where worth waking up to? The Smurfs, Pee Wee’s Playhouse and He-Man, My Little Pony and other “Jem”’s of the past?!

Why watch the boring infomercials or talk shows of today when you could be watching the Television of the FUTURE! Er… PAST!!!

Well we have the answer for you! Saturday Morning Alive! With its new revolutionary pop cultural archive and its space age “fit anywhere” design, you can take SMA! with you anywhere you go! Thanks to SMA! Patented “RetroVision” technology, you too can enjoy the finest in vintage entertainment in the comfort of your own home!

So why live in the disposable society of today? That’s cash in the trash! When you can enjoy Vintage Life absolutely free and start enjoying your nostalgia trip down memory lane today! (Some assembly required)

Saturday Morning Alive!  Saving the Eighties since 1980!

A Tribute to Night Flight:
Before Mtv and VH1, Music videos made their debut on a legendary underground cult show, Late nights haven't been the same since.
80's Commercial Breakdown:
Armed with a hand full of vintage commercials, we review TV Ads ranging from the wonderful to the insane! Marketing the finest crap they stop producing 20+ years ago!
B-Movie Review: Ice Cream Man
Starring Ron Howard's retarted younger brother. Start with a nice helping of insanity, mix in sex, and top with gratuitous eye ball eating and you have the recipe for a god-awful movie.
God-Awful Games: DJ Boy
We've played our share of god-awful games, some so bad its proof that the programmers pulled all night crack binges just to silence the voices in their heads. This just happens to be one of them.
Small Freakin' Wonder:
Small Wonder, few shows have caused as much as controversy as this one. Created by the same creepy old man that brought us Diff’rent Strokes. Not even kidding…
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